Monday, June 22, 2009


Copy-Paste of Orkut-about-me:

Ok, here I am, literally online after one whole month. I'm glad that I've survived it: I was beginning to think I've got addicted to the Internet. Anyway, now I know my priorities even better than before. I don't really need to have a computer or movies or a mobile phone. I just need one person, who can fill up my time, all my life. I need to study, yeah, not just because my exams are round the corner, but also because, I hate it when someone knows something more than me. I guess I like to show off, yeah. I know that's bad. But, the truth is, I hate restrictions. I hate it when I have less money, I hate it when I'm with someone, who doesn't have unlimited time, I hate it when I have to return home by a certain time. Similarly, I hate it when I find my knowledge about something or anything is "limited". All that self-analysis apart, as my closest people know, I need money, for that long-awaited "surgery". So, that's another reason I need to study, I need financial independence fast. I'm sounding obsessed, am I? Well, yeah, I'm going through a bad phase. A bad state of mind. Since...a fortnight. Maybe it's the heat. It's awfully hot here. I'm sweating even when I'm under a fan. And, my father won't get an AC, so all those anti-mall-public out there, I need to live in a mall right now. I need to be in an air-conditioned environment, for physical reasons.
Ok, I'll change this again. Orkut, later.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Miracle Boy

Foreword: This is the long-promised poem to Deshraj, for Deshraj. For the boy who’s indispensable, to a lot of people who matter to me, including yours truly.

He walked with a stride,

He laughed like a child,

His words were mild,

He had nothing to hide.

He loved all abound;

Was loved by all around,

Around him was found

Silence amidst sound.

He transformed tears

Into smiling faces

He hid his fears

In unknown places.

Black he wore, yet he shone

Style came from sources unknown!

He played all day,

Yet was no dull Jack

He was ready to help

Before you could ask

Always full of vim

Always radiating

Anyone around him

Would need no gearing.

His smile would enchant

Spirits that didn’t flex

His eyes so elegant

Could do a hex.

He’s a friend with all

Never misses a call

He’s never too far,

Of all he’s a part.

What can make the world a better place?