Monday, June 22, 2009


Copy-Paste of Orkut-about-me:

Ok, here I am, literally online after one whole month. I'm glad that I've survived it: I was beginning to think I've got addicted to the Internet. Anyway, now I know my priorities even better than before. I don't really need to have a computer or movies or a mobile phone. I just need one person, who can fill up my time, all my life. I need to study, yeah, not just because my exams are round the corner, but also because, I hate it when someone knows something more than me. I guess I like to show off, yeah. I know that's bad. But, the truth is, I hate restrictions. I hate it when I have less money, I hate it when I'm with someone, who doesn't have unlimited time, I hate it when I have to return home by a certain time. Similarly, I hate it when I find my knowledge about something or anything is "limited". All that self-analysis apart, as my closest people know, I need money, for that long-awaited "surgery". So, that's another reason I need to study, I need financial independence fast. I'm sounding obsessed, am I? Well, yeah, I'm going through a bad phase. A bad state of mind. Since...a fortnight. Maybe it's the heat. It's awfully hot here. I'm sweating even when I'm under a fan. And, my father won't get an AC, so all those anti-mall-public out there, I need to live in a mall right now. I need to be in an air-conditioned environment, for physical reasons.
Ok, I'll change this again. Orkut, later.


rimz said...

Disgusted wid heat.....
nways u live in Durgapur,rite. In hostel or home?

Twisha Mukherjee said...

No, I live in Kolkata: home. I was in Durgapur for 18 years. Just shifted here last year.

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