Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Four

Remember those Enid Blyton titles? The Secret Seven, The Super Six, The Famous Five, The Adventurous Four. My story isn't about teenage sleuths. Hence, no adjective to prefix my four.
They're friends. And they happen to be the only reason why I beleive in something called friendship, something I myself never experienced. Till they came.
One of you will surely ask me why did I dedicate a post on my blog to them. And one of the four will surely tag this as 'nekami'. But, there wasn't any other way I could have told them, any of them, how important they have been to me. And they still are.
Whom should I start with? ok, Tiyash. She deserves that. After all, she has been the one who's responsible for introducing me to their world. She's one person, who'll forgive Satan for killing too. Yeah, I have never met a bigger heart than hers. She forgave me for doing something I myself would never forgive anyone else for. She's one who'll ask you to collect your guts for something, and remain gutless herself, who'll talk about things she herself doesn't understand, but thinks she does, because her didi does. No, I'm not criticising. These happen to be the reasons why I love her after all. Next, Payal. I'm closest to her. As I told Ankita (her new friend) Payal, is an angel. She really is. She'll stand by someone she believes in even when the whole world is against him. She did that for me, you know! Unlike Tiyash, she's almost fearless. The funny part is that, she doesn't admit that she's fearless. I wouldn't be as strong as I am today, if not for Payal. The other two; Yealeena and Saheli; it wouldn't do justice to mention any of their names before the other. I know them just as much as Payal and Tiyash told me about them. I have interacted myself, but, more as an observer, than a participant. I guess the first time I ever talked to each of the four of them was my questioning them back in class XI "tui ki vogoban-er concept-e believe korish?" (Do you believe in the concept of God?). I don't know myself why it was important that I ask them that. But since 5th June 2006 (the first day I met them, by faces) everytime I watched them together, I had the feeling that they had a world of their own. A world which was oblivious of the ambience around, the people around. No force on universe could penetrate the bond they shared. I learnt that, during the last days of class XI, a time had come when they could feel the thoughts of each other merely by sitting together quietly. Someone would ask Payal "Chicken na Para?" Payal would grin. "Chicken!" (yeah, I forgot to mention that. In Deshraj's words, Payal is a perennial chicken lover)
The reason why I didn't change names for the sake of privacy, is that the purpose would have remained unfulfilled if I did so. If I had the means, I would have rather made a movie on you guys! (an Indian flick on four friends, it would definitely do well!)
I particularly remember a sight very well. The four of them used break free from the lines that we formed, leading to our classrooms after the recess. They ran to the classrooms, the first three to reach being the winners of a seat together. The slowest would have to sit alone, since each row had three benches in our class. This was a moment I would eagerly wait for everyday. There was a time, when this moment was the only time I laughed all day.
Even today, I just need to imagine the four of them holding each other with stretched arms, in an attempt to emulate Organic Compound structures, during one of their 'group studies', to make my lips smile on the gloomiest of days. I can even make my brother laugh by telling him their story of how an attempt to carry out a planchette seriously got messed up, all because, two of them were planning a mischief, and the other two didn't know that, till days later, when Yealeena's mother had told Saheli's mother how she's scared to go to the bathroom without her sister; and Saheli's mother revealed that they were fooling Yealeena! Someone else deserves mention here. I never met her, but I heard she had been Payal's childhood friend, and a companion to my four for a long time: Raisha Mukherjee.
Do me a favour, if any of you four happen to read this post. Post a comment writing about any pleasant memory (that includes you people exclusively) that will come back to the others easily as well. This was a poor effort to tell you people how much they mean to me. I thought I'd tell them how much it had meant to me when the four of them hated me, how much I am capable of crying even today, just trying to remember those days. But, this is not the right time, and even more, not the right place. When I write my book, I'll do justice to each emotion. Dumbo, Pilu, Sars, and Kalla, JUST HELP ME.


payal said...

Hey...thanx for writing so much on us. I cannot explain how gr8 it was to read all this stuff...

u cud hav mentioned about d picnic we had in class on december along wid disha...

part21 said...

~ Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. ~

it took me a lott of time to read this one post of yours coz i was remmeberring all da friends i eva had in maah lifetime..which isn' much..but still had seen a lott.

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