Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Once Again...

I cleaned my cupboard today morning. Was a strange, strange experience as I'd expected it would be. A piece of newspaper which I'd preserved all of the last 12 months (an article on atheism, published last Mahalaya), went to the bin today. My old school gloves too. My sketchbooks as well. A few rusted blades and melted rubber bands as well. I came across a piece of paper with my last poetry on it, it was written in early class XII days, Disha being the only one who read and commented. A silly blank verse. Here's it:

Once Again...
the battle's lost.
The loser sits
on the edge of the bed.
At the wall
at the canvas
the rain washes the colours away
wipes the picture
Once again...
the battle's lost.
Once again.

Once again...
the focus.
On the spider
that creeps upwards
in the room full of men.
The big picture blurred.
Eyes on the black square
deeper deeper...
when the battle on the board
is lost.
Once again...
the focus on the spider.
Once again.

There's something more written on the paper. I'll post that as a comment.


Twisha Mukherjee said...

Here's the rest.

you said it's over.
i said 'yeah, since you say so.'
you said you loved me.
i said 'i still do.'
you said that hardly matters.
i said 'yeah, since you say so.'
you asked if i'd still be there
i said 'remember, i still do.'

Damn silly, i know. Just wanted to preserve something from that TIME. and now, i'm throwing the paper away.

dismantled thoughts.... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stupid Sohom Chakraborties said...

Hmm,Its through this comment that I have come to know what sort of conversations do take place at the time of breaking up...
The verses of the poem seemed to have baffled my ability to draw conclusion...

Stupid Sohom Chakraborties said...

oi comment ta ami delete korechi karon amar blog er user name ta bhul that time rectify korlam..

part21 said...

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

i donno its a appropriate comment or not..
but i just felt like sharing this ..
coz many peoples gonna read your blog so they may read what did i said too..

anywayss 'm hoping u will delette this comment...but i know u won't.

Twisha Mukherjee said...

of course i won't. not at all, after that thing you wrote. that's an important line and it disturbed my emotions enough when someone used it. anyway, thanks.

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