Thursday, May 28, 2009

25th may. Cyclone Aila.

Foreword: 25th may 2009; it was my brother's birthday. Everyone went to sleep early, because there was nothing to do in the dark. I had slept all day. So, I was awake all night. Aila had hit Durgapur at night, after ravaging Kolkata in the daytime. Till my exasperation, I rang up my ex. I didn't talk though! Later , when the emptiness was unbearable, I took out the pen and the copy. I did not have my dear Microsoft Word, so the lack of "substance".

Imprisoned indoor, no electricity
Outdoors, a storm was blowing the city.
Can't go out, have to stay home
Can't go out with aila on the roam:
Uprooted trees, away blew things
Broke the glass, tore hangings,
Crashed and crushed cars on road
Another vouch for votes!

The wireless screeching it out all
Echoing in the walls of the hall
Oh how hard it is to be alone!
With no t.v, nor the phone,
Nor the computer, nor music
Boredom could make one sick.
None to talk to, none so near
Nothing to do is hard to bear!


rimz said...

We- merely d marionettes in d hands of nature.
N electricity our life, cnt evn think a moment widout it. just like life stops moving...

RaunaQ said...

tell me about aila. thanks to her, i almost missed an important workshop in chennai. i was stuck in the howrah station all day :-(

rahul said...

very nicely put..I guess nature's fury like aila make us feel really small at times!!!

Twisha Mukherjee said...

Yeah, electricity is life. Have re-re-realised it a number of times in the last few days.

sharaya said...

hehe..good way to put it...

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