Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To....the journey that's NIT, Durgapur

Foreword: This poem was written for someone who wanted something about the end of his college life. He specified the points that he wanted to mention. I just converted prose to poetry. Three verses, dedicated to the life at NIT, Durgapur. The four years.


Farewell to the four years

Of cheers, and fears, and tears.

Farewell to the four years

Of bikes, and burns, and beers.

Gang at college, friends at home

Cursing Newton, Gauss and Ohm.

Nights out for days, on the roam

Clothes don’t matter, what’s a comb?

Hygiene is a sin; never care for health

Winning bets, that’s real wealth.

Late to bed, late to rise

When it’s fun to be foolish

Why be wise?


Smoking joints, smoking cigarettes

Youth is the life with no regrets.

Drowsy days, dreams and distress,

Life in the hostel, food in the mess.

Learning to sustain in sun and rain;

Never let life turn mundane.

The electronic screen live before eyes

Always full of entertaining supplies

Bunking classes, no heed of time

Life is multi-timed, the world sublime!

Watching everything found on the LAN

On Orkut and Gtalk, a different man

Life beyond existence,

Is life intense.


Mass of memories, endless energies

More years ahead: can’t forget these

Can’t go back, can’t let it go

Yeah we know; we have to grow.

So here we are: all of us, guys!

‘Tis time to bid the final goodbyes.

It isn’t as bad as it appears;

They will be with us, the four years.

Down the lane, we may meet again

In pain and strain, we’ll together remain.

Early to bed, early to rise

It’s fun to be foolish,

But best be wise.

Special thanks to Sarbojit Mallick, who introduced me to the world inside NIT, Durgapur. And all the ex-classmates of mine, who’re still in it.



acidVox said...


but i like thsi part

The electronic screen live before eyes

Always full of entertaining supplies

Bunking classes, no heed of time

Life is multi-timed, the world sublime

Twisha Mukherjee said...

cliche? :(
theme je diyechhe tar dosh tahole. not mine. he/she gave me cliche theme!
ok, i'll experiment with your themes for a while. I'll write a poem, dedicated to a person. But, I'll try and not fall in love with the subject.

Soham Talukdar said...

Hmm.. Didnt find anything cliche. The perfect description of our life,still... THERE ARE A FEW GOOD QUALITIES LEFT IN US twisha (hopeful bout that) .Could have used one or two in your poem.Its a perfect piece of poetry, but could have had a silver lining or two. OR THERE S another way out .DonT show this to a student aspiring to give Aieee.

rimz said...


acidVox said...

stop posting sensitive data about me .... **** you .

Twisha Mukherjee said...

sohom>> i think the strong friendship is the silver lining. and the "good qualities left" are very rare. tell me how many people can you relate to at your hostel?

diptyajit>> ok. period.

Soham Talukdar said...

hmmm.. sudipto basu for one.

Twisha Mukherjee said...

This comment is not supposed to be a comment. This will be re-posted elsewhere, I hope. Dear Soham, it's okay for you, who has hardly spent even a whole single hour with me, to misinterpret ME. So, I must mention, that I bear no "grudges" against you. But yeah, when I read your post, it infuriated me. Till I realised that, dammit, it's Soham Talukdar, someone I don't even care about; I shouldn't expect him to understand me, of all people! Anyway, self-issues apart, let's come to the "piece of poetry".
The poem, Farewell, was, as mentioned, supposed to a "tribute" to the NIT life, not a criticism. Whatever I wrote , whatever, I "highlighted" was done in a note of appreciation. The last two lines of each stanza are meant to EMPHASISE that: the fact that I'm appreciating that kinda life, NOT criticising it. Secondly, I'm a heavy drinker and a chain smoker myself, I love getting "intoxicated". I hate people who hate the idea of getting intoxicated. Period. Thirdly, there were lines in my poem, as I believe, that were specifically designed to show the lucrative-ness of the careless lifestyle. The one that I live, and only the people at NIT, as I know, live. I find it lucrative. I blame my "poetic skills" if my words betrayed my feelings! Fourthly, I have interacted with a few NITians, quite closely (both physically and psychologically); I know that beyond all the carefree attitude they show, they have thinking, feeling, pain-responsive" souls. The person who asked me to write the poem, is one of them. Fifthly, if there are still complaints about how I portrayed NIT life, I must remind that I just converted prose to poetry, the matter was all typed and sent to me by the person who wanted it. I have no complaints against NITians or the NIT hostel.
Lastly, about referring to me as "she", I don't want to talk about it. Not in this already-too-large comment. Apologies to Soham, for my unexplained outburst. I request you not to react to it, or rather not to really "read" it all!
I sound confused, and I am.

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