Saturday, August 15, 2009

Movies and More

When my exams were going on, I had so much on my mind that I wanted to write down here. But I did not, in the fear of wasting time. And after the exams ended, lo! I haven't got a single thing to write about. I wrote a few poems, but I didn't make them public, because, I'm secretly planning to publish them someday.
I watched a lot of Robert De Niro movies. He's a great actor, great, really! But, I dunno why I still can't accept him to be comparable to Al Pacino. Maybe, it's the movies. All AL Pacino movies have kept me glued to the screen, so much so, that I refused to respond to my bodily needs. But, I do pause the movie, and get up for a while amidst De Niro ones. For example, Raging Bull; De Niro gave an unparalled performance. Whether Al Pacino would have played it better, is a question I prefer not to answer. But, De Niro was awesome. I took three breaks during the movie.
Anyway, my movie missions aren't going too well: I can't watch a dozen movies a day, as I figured I'd do. Because, I feel like contemplating on each movie after it's finished. Maybe, it's because the movies have been too good ones. I won't give a brief list like Puspen did, because I don't have so much time. But I'd like to mention Crash, an Oscar-awarded movie. It was typical take on racial discrimantion, to be unjustly brief. Yeah, unjustly. It's not just a movie on racial discrimination. What's best about the movie, is that it shows the state of affairs from everyone's point of view. So, when you see through the villain's eye, you forget that he/she's the villain, because, through his eyes, whatever he does or thinks is justified. That's what I always advocated. Nothing is ever wrong or right, only thinking makes it so. But the movie didn't deserve an Oscar, because it used a number of stereotype scenes. Like Sandra Bullock's accident making her realise who's near and who's far. It reminded me of the Amisha Patel-in-hospital-scene of Humraaz. Moreover, that black detective looking for his brother, and finally finding him, only dead. Too stereotype, too filmy. There were more, but I can't remember them now. One thing I couldn't understand was the significance of the movie's name. Why "CRASH"?
Anyway, I'm reading a great book. Better late than never: The City Of Joy. It has been so moving, that I have started giving alms to beggars once again. Smoking makes me feel guilty, once again. I'm in love with Kolkata, once again. Literature too. If you haven't read it yet, please do. It's my first Dominique Lapierre book, I have a few more on my shelves; I'm looking forward to them. Oh, and finally, I bought Paulo Coelho's new book "The Winner Stands Alone". I'd read the first 20 pages at Starmark, to make sure, the man isn't repeating himself again. But, well, he has. And I found it out, only after buying the book. :(
I also had an unpleasant episode, trying to make popcorn myself, those Act II Ready Mix ones. I burnt my finger, and more than 60% of it. I've gotta ask Tiyash or Disha to teach me how to make Popcorn. Shochi Mashi's cooking is becoming more and more intolerable.
Pujas coming, two months ahead. Plenty of time, I know; but the club guys are already out collecting money. I dunno how's it going to be. I have almost finished my shopping (I don't need too much clothes, that's why).
I haven't been to college yet, and I don't want to, more than ever.
Signing off,
Off to watch Kaminey!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... have you finished the book, "City of joy"?? It has always been an all time favourite of mine, a book that bridges any form of gap between a work of fiction and reality, the transcending reality of POVERTY. Pauls character shook me from inside out and Hasari pals blood selling part was also astonishing. i suggest you read Freedom at midnight , you ll like it, O Jerusalem is also good

Soham Talukdar said...

Ahemm... the anonymous is me

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