Saturday, January 9, 2010

10th January 2010

10th January: Sunday. Time: 2pm
I didn't write the last couple of days, because not mane things happened. And I was scared that I might ruin my mood if I write anything. Day before yesterday, I watched a movie at home, after ages. Kramer vs Kramer. The movie from which the much-acclaimed Aamir Khan starrer Akele Hum Akele Tum was copied. I knew the whole story, I knew what to expect next. Yet I loved the movie. Anyway, other noteworthy things would be Picco's visit. He is getting too involved with his geography teacher. In fact, I'm scared that his teacher is getting too involved too. Till last week, I have always seen a cheerful and jolly Picco. Since he had that chat with his teacher over Gtalk, what I see is not a cheerful or jolly Picco, but a "happy" Picco. I can goddamn see the difference between cheerfulness and happiness.
And that's scary. If Sreeparna Miss gives him happiness, it is scary. The fact that his teacher is responding is the scariest of all. Now, why? Firstly, there's a possibility, that Sreeparna Ma'am is responding to Picco, because he has his ISC coming up, and it's a teacher'd duty to ensure that her student's mind set is not disturbed before an exam as important as ISC! Now, if that happens, and she tells my brother after his exam that she has been pretending all this while, it would make him suffer more than he can take. There's a worse outcome possible. Both of them have a crush on each other. Either one of them will realize it soon (after Picco's ISC, I hope). The other one (which I'm scared, will be Picco) will never get over the relationship, in tat case. When two people have a crush on each other, and one of them realize it before the other, the latter never gets over the former. The crush turns into a life-consuming obsession. That's what I think. I hope I'm wrong.
The other noteworthy thing that happened at 1am that night was my first MMS. Sritama sent me a picture via MMS. I can't tell you why it's noteworthy, let's just say, I have a weakness towards technology!
Yesterday, the day started with Puspen. I told him a "secret" of mine by mistake, and kept hoping that he wouldn't tell Disha. Now, it might be questioned why I don't wanna tell Puspen/Disha a secret. It's because they somehow are related to my past. Telling them something means, relating that something to my past. And that ought to be avoided at all costs! Even Sayak doesn't know. He will know, but not before it's too late. For that matter even Disha and Payal will know, but after it's too late. As of now, Puspen hasn't told Disha. and he won't, thanks to thir own communication gap. Ha Ha! Fucking nasty of me. Fucking nasty.
After Puspen, I met Criss at Golpark, we had lunch together, at an inconspicuous and cheap restaurant, which served awesome North Indian food. Then we walked from one end of South Kolkata to the other, twice. And took photographs on the way. Trees, sunset, rickshaws, gates, fuchka-sellers, etc. Then we went to a photography exhibhition at the Weavers' Studio, Ballygunj place. Then we went to the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, and for the first time in my life, I watched a violin being played with my own eyes. It was a simple bhakti geeti kind of thing, sung by a shrill female voice, accompanied by a man on violin. Now, that was some strange experience!
Day ended as soon as I harvested my farm on Facebook, and went to sleep. Today morning, I woke up early, and went to meet a guy form Durgapur, Gaurav Pande, who was supposed to teach my how to ride a bike. Thanks to my car-driving and cycling experiences, it didnt take more than ten minutes, in all. I rode the bike on my own, for about an hour, and then, I went to South City Mall, to watch a horror film named Paranormal Activity. It turned out to be a live footage of a presence of an evil spirit, and not a movie in any sense. If censor-boards had any social sense, they should not have allowed this thing into the theatres. Anyone, who doesn't believe in spirits, or doesn't take spirits or ghosts seriously (like me) will be removed of all doubts. It's a real thing being recorded by a hand camera. Goddamn it. I was supposed to have a haircut after watching it. Instead I rushed back home and wrote "Don't watch Paranormal Activity" on my Facebook status message. I copmlained about the censorboard on Twitter. Before I could change my Google account status, Disha called me up. Let's see what I do for the rest of the day. One of dad's NRI friends had come. Madhu Uncle, from Paris. He's a professional painter! I had a chat with him. He said that I can't be a poet, a painter, and a film-maker all at once. I have to choose any one of them. Let's see. I've one and a half years to figure that out!

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