Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5th January 2010

Hello. New year, yeah. Too soon, if you ask me! Now, the new year took off too fast a start. Three consecutive "happening" nights, and me, deprived of my blog, in some way or the other. The first night, I wasn't at my own place. The second night, my net provider suspended my connection due to delayed payment. The third night, my computer's motherboard flunked. Now, I am at Durgapur, using a super-slow machine.anyway, I'll write down little now. Right then, my brain was all muddled and confused. I badly needed to write to think. But, now, it's too late to be muddled anymore. I couldn't sleep the night before coming to Durgapur. But, the good thing about it is, I painted on the canvas I had bought a year ago. I wrote a poem, after a month! I'm back on track! I'm technically better.
What still troubles, is dreams. Troubling dreams. Creepily weird stuff. And mornings are still the toughest part of the day, when I can feel a battle going on within my body between two contradictory desires. That's more painful than death, I guess. Anyway, I have mastered the art of self-control to a great extent.
I wish this keyboard would make it more comfortable for me to type my heart out. But, I can't. So, I'll postpone it to 7th January.

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