Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12th December 2010 - again

I wrote the last post, because I need to think, and as I keep saying, I need to write to think. I have been thinking aloud on that post. Now this will be about what I was thinking, and not what I am thinking.
What triggered off this post is Subhenjit's new post. He thinks he rubbed me off ina wrong way, and so, I had changed my Gtalk status to "irritated"! Ha! How I wish, other people on earth could irritate me! Or do anything to me at all! I wish I could "respond" to other people, but no, I don't. Now why I was irritated that day. I was irritated last night too, for the same reason. I have been irritated a number of times in the last few weeks, for the same reason. Here's the thing, Subhenjit. Suppose, I am online. She comes online. I see her coming online, but I don't take the initiative to talk to her. She asks me "Why don't you ping me yourself?". Now, suppose, I do ping her, and talk to her on my own. She replies to each thing at least 5-10 minutes after I've typed it. Period. Guess now, why I get irritated. Anyone would. It's just that, with anyone else, things wold be less complicated. Now, she reads this blog. I have your number, so I'll tell you the rest sometime later.
I hadn't mentioned that I've started liking F.R.I.E.N.D.S. a lot. I always thought that I hated the background laughter thing being played. But when I was on episode 9 of Season 1, I realised that Hardik was right. It doesn't bother much, because the thing is too good in itself. When I was on episode 15, I realised that I LIKE the background laughter thing being played! Now, that Season One is almost over, I have realised that F.R.I.E.N.D.S make my sad. Life isn't what they show it. The complications are carefully avoided from being shown. Be it the Ross-Carol thing, or the Chandler-Janice thing, and MANY MORE. The complications that are bound to exist are carefully avoided from being shown. I can't love it. I enjoy watching it, just because it makes me smile at times. I hope they teach me to overlook the complications around me too! For that matter, I know I don't overlook the complications, but I have stopped letting them bother me. I have become stoic, since December. There's one sensitive issue in everyone's life. Same with me. So, as long as I stay away from that, I am always unruffled. So, dear issue, please stay away from me. The moment you come near me, my blood pressure fluctuates heavily. Let me have nothing-noteworthy days.

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