Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shift. Change. Improvement.

That's the way of Nature. Shifts. Changes. Whether for the better or for the worse, that's always relative, always debatable. 
Shedding all philosophies, coming to the point, the purpose of this blog has changed. No more showing off my "literay skills" or "intellectual ideas" or "personal stories". Just a daily diary kinda thing. By 'daily' I mean when I feel like, of course. When I have the time and the energy, and the opportunity, of course. Today is Valentine's Day, and like the previous year's one, I end up choosing this day to innaugurate something new. Last year it was a new Orkut profile, this year, THIS.
Anyway, my "selection" tests start from 13th March. I never knew college life could require studies, but it's showing it's true picture gradually. The politics. No, not those teenage fights. I mean serious politics here. SFI guys beating up Opposition, etc. No, I'm not anti-SFI. I support SFI in my own college. But, when it comes to other people, other SFI members in other colleges, I become skeptical. I see severe conservatism, loathful partial behaviors, and abominable arrogance. Watching the movie Kalbela only served to intensify my skeptical views about student politics. Keeping all those 'ultra-debatable' issues apart for a while, let's talk about studies. Why do I need to study? Because I need a job. Because I need money. Because...oh the list is endless. Money is more important than love. Because, where there is no money, there is no love. You'll believe when you read the stories of parents killing their kids dur to food shortages and joblessnesses. 
I had a great day today; the kind of 'days' I always want to have. But, I didn't study a word. Sorry for the exxageration. I read three paragraphs today. But, I have, at least, a million more paragraghs to read, understand and learn by heart before 13th March. Someone had said "slow and steady wins the race". Let's see how true it is. How three paragraphs a day can help me to complete a million paragraphs in less than a month. Fuck. I hate very few things, but study load tops the list eternally. Universally, eh? Dunno.
The only gift I got today was a packet of chocolate cookies. Only people I wished sent me "same to you" SMSes. Doesn't matter, because I never believed in the concept of "celebrating" V-days. But I believed in the day. A day, when busy people should take a break and explore love. (Remember the saying "love is the business of the idle, the idleness of the busy"). Even if love doesn't exist in reality, it does in dictionaries at least! The debate on love will be elaborated on some future post. Enough for today. Need to sleep, call up a few friends, and try to study. At least three paragraghs more.
Happy Post-Valentine's Days to every reader.

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