Thursday, February 19, 2009


No sooner have I managed to overcome "personal" predicaments, than impersonal issues have started building up. Trouble Tree starts at the academic level. Even if I sacrifice all necessities, I won't finish even half of the syllabus for my Selection tests. Next cometh financial issues. My Dad won't allow Mum to give me money, nor would he give me money himself. Ohk....famiy is a perpetually pestering element. Not because they care for me. But because they don't care for each other. Something more added to the Tree. SFI. This is what happened at college today.
I had no plans to go to college. I had planned to watch Billu Barber in the morning show and come back ho0me and study. Well, Dad gave me twenty bucks. So, no movie. I decided I'll go and do the first class at college. And come back...
Soon after the first class was over, and I was leaving the room, a classmate came up. should I mention his name here? Why not, no one's reading my blog anyway. Rajiv. He's been selected by the SFI for being the candidate for our class representative at the Ist Year Science panel. Ohk. He told me that he had some work with me, if I could kindly lend him some of my time. He's friendly with me, I'm friendly with him. Refusing him a bit of my time would be rude. I acoompanied him to wherever he took me to. Near the office. There were a number of people there. Before I could find out what it was all about, he said he needed a 'help'. Ah! What a perfect word to use. Was he in touch with my previous classmates, who knew that I'm one person who never refuses 'help'?
Okay, he took out a small paper. Explained it's meaning to me. It was a nomination paper for the Student's Union elections. My anti-politics self contracted. He kept assuring me that it doesn't have anything to do with politics. All I would have to do is put a signature on it, fill up my details and stuff, take it to the Principal's office, collect a form and bring it back to them. Well, 'them' refers to the SFI people. He's the candidate, yeah. But if his name doesn't come out in the final nominations due to typing errors etc, I'm a seconder. Some other classmates of mine are doing this too. It's all a precautionary measure. It doesn't have anything to do with politics. the form that I get from the office will be filled up by them, and Rajiv's name will be on it. Not mine. Okay, I said. He asked me whether I have any problem. I couldn't think of any. Excpet that I didn't have breakfast in the morning (true!) and I'm hungry and I don't have money enough to have something outdoors. No problem, he said. With a smile, of course. He made me fill up the form. Then, he and another guy took me to the canteen. Treated me to a plate of my favourite parathas and potatatoes, two cups of tea, two cigarettes. By then it was noon. I was taken to the office. The guy managing the huge crowds trying to enter was told of my hurry. I was alowed in within a few minutes. I saw two of the girls from durgapur (my hometown) there as well. Shit man! From the conversational morsels I overheard there, I guessed that it was an SFI business. The other party, DSO, had to fight their way to get into the crowd. There were jokes here and there that if they're too tired standing in the lines, they's say that they're DSU, not SFI. Anyway, it was not only 'too late for protest', but pointless, as well. I've been supprting SFI all throughout. At least, at my college, I preferred their modes of action to the DSO's ones. Anyway, the work at the office went off smoothly. I had put one more signature somewhere. I came out carrying out the form and my ID. Rajiv greeted me. I had asked him before "Why me?". He had cleverly replied "Because I want you. You're the kind of person whom anyone won't dare to say anything at. If something is aid at your face, you'll defend it. That's why. If you do this for me, I, personally would be grateful. You're helping ME, not anyone else.". Anyway, all politicians are clever. I'm not. Moreover, I'm too short-tempered for this business. Moreover, I'm too ignorant for this. Anyway, I had to submit my college-ID and that form the office people (professors) gave me. I dunno when I'll get my ID back. I have been strictly advised by Jayita in the morning that I should be possessive about my ID card now, till the elections. Anyone who gets my ID can cast my vote. Anyway, there's too much of irony in the entire affair to be bothered about this little one. Joga-da thanked me loudly. Rajiv thanked me a number of times. Another Prosenjit-looking dada thanked me. He's Joga-da's friend, I know him by face. Why are the SFI guys thanking me?
It's useless being foolish anymore. I'm a registered member now. Against my better judgement.
Trouble Tree grows taller. Now I can't bunk college on the election day. I'll fail in all the subjects. 

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