Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Time Thrown Away

Neither did I "try" to study last night, nor did I make any of the phone calls I was supposed to. I just switched off the PC, had a fag, and went to sleep. When I woke up at 5am in the morning, I found my last night's supper packed and kept at the head of my bed. Daddy cool!
Found a few unwelcome missed calls and SMSes on my cellphones. Had the food. Went to the loo and found that I have stomach upset. No idea why. I just had a few cookies, a sandwich from CCD and a burger from KFC all day. Nothing else. Anyway, replied to a few SMSes and calls, had a fag again, and slumped back into bed. I was having a beautiful dream about Mamata Banerjee staying at my home, when Baba barged into it and made me aware that it's 9am. He had brought some 'ideal' chowmein last night from Jimmy's kitchen. I had to swallow it for breakfast. I didn't though, not entirely. I have a hope that other chowmein freaks will come to my rescue. I rang them up, they were still asleep at 10am. I rang up Sritama, whom I was supposed to call last night. Her cell's switched off, indicating that she's asleep too. Diptohjit had SMSed, he'd smoked two whole packets yesterday, and now he has a bad infection in his throat. I don't understand why someone who's single, and, with extra emphasis, who has never been in love, needed to fag so much on Valentine's Day. It's 11am now, I have downloaded the Bong Connection songs, and now I'm downloading the songs of Cactus' new album. Maybe we'll watch a movie today. In short, I won't even do three paragraphs today.

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