Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Time Thrown Away: Part-II

Some random reckless dreams

Some words beyond memory

Some moments spent on the bed

Eyes open, limbs spread

Silence within, horns outdoors

The dialogue with myself

Goes on without rhyme

Without limits, unrestrained.


The rings of gray smoke

Squeezing out energy

Writing, erasing, re-writing

Conscious conscience, unconscious


The time thrown away.

In dribs and drabs.

And dreams. And drags.


The living screen before

Worth living life for;

The people without

The values devalued

The books lying

On the ruffled bed-sheet.

All reminders unwind

The time thrown away.

Have spent the entire morning on Orkut. A close friend's close friend was online. Around noon, I started studying. And I did more than three paragraphs. Two whole pages, in fact. Since morning the poem was forming in the mind. I guess that's why the first post was named so...Anyway, we'll go out post lunch. Either a movie or mall-hopping. By "we" I mean me and my two friends. The chowmein freaks I had referred to in the morning. But, I'm back on track, hopefully. 




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