Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'll be taking a break from blogging, for reasons best not said. I changed the title and all back to what it was originally when I started blogging. I changed the picture to Gublu's face because of the importance he has in my story. I wanted to put up the picture of the other Gublu in my life (the first Gublu, in fact), and I did that too, but then I realised it would not be safe. My whole blog might be deleted without my permission if I put it.
I have an exam tomorrow, another exam day after tomorrow. Kolkata Film Festival has already started from today. So, right when my exam is over, I'll devote myself to it.
Last night, I had severe mood swings again. One moment I was super-excited (with all the birthday planning) and the next moment I was super-depressed (with all the birthday plannings seeming meaningless and aimless).
Today, I kept myself busy again. It's not that I didn't cry. I had cried while watching Jail, but at completely un-emotional scenes, unlike my other companions. I had cried a number of other times too. And thankfully, the person whom I used to hate for reading my face few weeks ago, has lost her ability to read my face!
Anyway, I just had a shock (while typing this blog). I dunno if I can study. The awful shivering is back. But I can't write anything anymore. For a long time to come.

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