Saturday, November 7, 2009

An un-Romantic Victoria and More...

Two of my previous posts have been deleted, and I can't re-type it all unless I find out WHY. Anyway, Mission Pretension has an important accessory to it. To make myself do all the things I never imagined I'd do without her. It started off with the going to Star Theatre with Sayak, and today, Victoria Memorial with Puspen. It would have been better if I went with some girl, but for me, what matters is with or without her. The company in the latter case doesn't matter. It didn't matter when I went to IMAX. Nor the launch ride on Ganges. It was similar. Anyway, I want to tell something more about the IMAX experience (note the pun), but I'm not sure if I am allowed to.
The day started off well, after some good sleep, after a long time. I didn't do anything productive though, I mean studies. I went to Victoria, and found it to the most un-romantic place on earth. I didn't enjoy the museum too. I guess anyone who knows history well enough won't enjoy it, because everything is an illustration of what I already knew. Sat on a bench afterwards and discussed movies with Puspen. He put a very difficult question to me. "According to you, which is the best Bollywood movie of 2009?" If he hadn't added "according to you" I would have easily answered Dev-D, from the critic's point of view; the film critic within me. But, the movie that's closer to my heart is Love Aaj Kal, it brought me close to tears, no other movie did. DevD was awesome, but I couldn't really relate to Dev! Same with Farhan Akhtar in Luck By Chance, or Shahid Kapoor in Kaminey, or Sid in Wake up Sid. And there haven't been any low-budget good movies like Dasvidanya or Khosla ka Ghosla this year. Or maybe, there was, but I don't remember much. I was more inclined towards my own home collection than the theatres this year. I had made a new year resoultion after all, that I won't waste money on anything other than her, and that included watching movies without her. Dil Bole Hadippa and Blue Oranges (low-budget, yeah) weren't upto the mark. Kambaqt Ishq and Chadni Chowk To China would rather not be considered movies in the first place. They were insults to the concept of film-making. Main Aur Mrs. Khanna was a good entertainer, period. Acid Factory was entertaining too, I don't need good stories in action movies, if the action sequences are good. Same with Blue; the camera work was awesome, but there were flaws in it. Even Love Aaj Kal had flaws, but not Dev-D!
Anyway, the Kolkata Film Festival is coming. And this year, I don't any reservations about going with or without her. She has made it clear, that she is not interested in watching documentaries. She has made it even clearer, that she'd rather go to a movie with her friends or him, than with me. And in any case, I enjoy watching movies alone, so I shouldn't feel bad about it. I have to get excited about it. Let's see if I can get a Delegate Pass.
Other important things would include the arrival of the birthday season. Lots of birthdays this month, so lots of gift shopping to be done. Last year, was the first year of my having friends, hence the first year of my having to buy gifts for someone's birthday. I had given everyone a book, matching his or her taste. But, till now, none of them have read it. So, no books this time. That makes it tougher for me, because when it comes to shopping, I am not good at buying anything other than books. When I go to buy other things, I lose my sense of good and bad, and end up buying the wrong stuff, most of the time. Let's see. After my exam ends on Thursday, I'll go shopping...till Friday night.
I was in the mood for studying today evening, but first Disha (who's going through the worst phase in her life, I think) and then Payal called and now, the internet connection is back, so I wasted tonight as well. I think I'll ask Picco not to come tonight, so that I can study now.
Oh, and yeah, I had some food finally. A Green Lays 20 bucks ka packet. The girls from Bhutan had gifted it to me at Delhi. I haven't vomitted it out yet. I hope I'm fine now. And oh, I'm not entirely anti-music now. I'm tapping my feet to the tunes of two songs all day. One Hindi, one English. Not bad, eh? I'm recovering fast! Mission Pretension, Jai Ho!
Tashi (from Bhutan, and my crush at Delhi), have been giving missed calls, which I've been returning. I guess after the exams, I'll call her once.
One last prayer, Dear Results, please come out soon! The delay is irritating me.
Did I miss out anything? Oh yeah, Disha's bad phase. But, since she herself doesn't know the reasons behind it, I don't know what to write. In my words, this is the first time when I asked her "Don't you love Puspen more than anyone else?", she replied, "Give me some time to think.". No matter who she is going out with, who she's going to bed with, whenever I have asked this question to her, she had always replied Yes without a thought. Not that I'm scared my god-parents might break up. Because, even amidst all the trauma, she said she needs Puspen with her. I'm just scared that she's not okay. She's ill. I dunno what to do. This is the first time, I dunno how to help someone.
Oh, I had a strange dream today. It was about her, as usual, but I wasn't physically present in it. She was with some friends, whose faces I don't remember. Then, she told everyone that she wanted to call Arijit Kundu, and then she called me (somehow, I'm not with her, but I can see her). When I received her call, she asked "Kundu??". I replied "Yeah, bol". I was aware that she was making a mistake, but I didn't want to tell her, because I wanted to know what she had to tell Kundu. (Even in dreams, I am wicked). Then, the line got disconnected. I kept saying "Hello? Hello?" till I woke up!

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