Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pretend! (Part II)

Well, I won't write much. I had a busy day. Have been outdoors since 8:20am till 12:05 am! Yet, against all norms, and all beliefs, I was depressed all day, and finally on the way back home, I almost cried too. No, I didn't cry just like that. Something happened in the cab, that's not allowed to be mentioned, though. Anyway, I just had a few failures in my Mission Pretension. Met him. And he read a few of my expressions. But anyway,as I said, just a few failures. About her, I dunno. I looked at her face today, for once, for the first time since the day all this started. And just one line crossed my mind in a flash. "You're so beautiful". Then I realised that I'm still in love with her. Then, I swiftly erased the thought. It came back a lot of times the whole day. When Sayak and me were ordering kababs (after watching London Dreams at Star Theatre), he noticed that I was shivering. I was. Why? Anyway, London Dreams, is a badly made movie, with lots of absurd things and lots of directorial errors. And I feel pity for Salman Khan, who's just wasting himself at Mumbai. Ajay Devgan was ok. Asin's character was also poorly portrayed.
Other things include my expenditures today. A lot of unnecessary ones, but unavoidable ones too! I don't have a clue about what I'm gonna do. I wish this exam didn't loom overhead. Hardly 3 days to go, and I'm still not familiar with the syllabus! Forget what to study, and from where to study. I'll need to keep blogging though, as I haven't got anywhere else to dump it all. I'm posting this NOW, because she isn't over the phone. Anyway, I'll try to sleep. I smoked more than 40 cigarettes yesterday, but hardly 15 today. I need to go to college tomorrow, so I'll smoke even less tomorrow I guess. Let's see what happens...even I'm going with the flow, Sayak!

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