Sunday, November 8, 2009

The First Sunday

Today's the first Sunday after all that happened. Last night, I couldn't sleep, scared of what might happen. Sundays were always bad for me, because I didn't get to see her, and didn't get to call her either. What would be this Sunday like?
Anyway, I had a chain of nightmares again. It involved all the people who were with me in Delhi. I remember one distinctly, in which we had to change our thoughts from one topic to another, to save our lives. We were trapped somewhere, and whoever thought abut one single thing for more than ten seconds, just died on the spot. The next dream had Ramit (someone from Durgapur) in it. He was bewitching people into some wicked world with a red gazing lamp. Guess it's the Farmville thing. Anyway, there were more. Considering that I went to sleep after 2am, when the alarm rang at 6am, I found myself already awake. Anyway, one song to the aid, I studied three pages. Then I logged into Orkut, and saw Sayantanee's Shekhar's photos on Somopriya's album. Called Sayantanee, scrapped Somopriya. What followed is another NITian's love-mess. He was double-timing, givng more prefernce to Somopriya, of course, but being unfaithful to her as well. I guess the two girls are meeting up today, and Shekhar's gonna kill me!
Anyway, I downloaded all the F-3 songs. But, haven't managed to listen to them again. I told you, I'm partially anti-music right now. Anyway, I discovered a song today, I told her, and she stole it. But it's more idiotic than sad. The lyrics of the song make sense only to ME!
Anyway, Disha called and requested me to stay at her home for a few days, because she can't study. I don't think I'll be able to study if I go there, but I've gotta make a few sacrifices, to get a few sacrifices in return, right? Let's see, it's not evening yet.
She'll give me access to the internet all 24 hours, so no worries, really.
I typed a Memorandum of Understanding for dad today, it was fun (the feeling of being a grown-up and all)
Back to Farmville now. :)

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